Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Poet Of The Week Grey Vild November 16–22, 2015


This guy really loves his wife, almost as much as Scott loves his dogs. This guy is straight and really hard up. This one is just that straight. This one can’t believe I’m not real. This one will fuck anything, women follow him off trains. He tells me how I could have my pick of, if only, he could get it up. This guy is like fucking a tube of toothpaste. Someone should tell him the word “pee-hole” is not sexy. My mouth is full. This guy is what a diet of pizza and ranch dressing tastes like. We’re friends. This one is really gay. This one is really excited to run into me on the train. This one just wants to talk about it. This one is gender fluid, so he understands. This one’s got that bro pussy look in his eyes. This one looks like Rafi and just knew I was gonna come. This one can’t figure out which closet he belongs in and spends all his time tying his ties. He doesn’t want to talk about it. He works with special needs kids and coaches wrestling and doesn’t have time for a relationship anyway. This one just knows he’s not a faggot. This one sends me pics of his girlfriend sucking his dick. This one sexts filth for a month then hardly says a word. He’ll hmu when he’s in Brooklyn again. This one swears he won’t come inside. This one opened the door, looked me in the eyes and realized he forgot to buy beer. That was the last time we saw daddy. This one is really pretty and shows me all his wigs and tits after. This one’s on more T than I am. This one just wants to talk about it. This one was a 2 pump chump but I got 5. This one used to love his wife, almost as much as Scott loves his dogs but now, he doesn’t. He shows me pics of her. And pics of her sucking his dick. This one’s got real shitty taste in porn and tastes like a rusty cigarette. This one got my number from the roommate I used to fuck before we began our infamous race to the bottom. This one’s not into beards. This one thought I would look more like a girl. This one has always been attracted to people like me. This one just wants to talk about it. This one explains what his tattoos mean. This one can’t believe I’ve never done poppers and brings them like an offering. This one’s fursona is a lion. This one organizes an entire gangbang that gets derailed in New Jersey Transit. This one sends me pics of his girlfriend sucking his dick. This one asks what my real name is. Tobi says lumpy-toothpaste-peehole guy is posting again. This one has experience with ftms and “is cool with it.” This one is beautiful in that way that’s frightening. If I saw him on the street, I’d want to hurt him or protect him. I don’t know which would be worse. This one asks me to shave. This one asks me to keep my shirt on. This one won’t stop texting. My last response was 3 weeks ago. This one gave me an impromptu makeover at Housing Works and convinced me to buy this red shirt that makes me look like a gay picnic. He’s bisexual but more attracted to men and he’s a top but finds anal uncomfortable. He’s always wanted to have kids. He’s so glad to have met me. I blow him on the pier to feel like a real faggot for once. This one thought I was just a regular boy who loves cats. This one asks if he can take a pic of me sucking his dick. This one is roughly the size of a tank and drinks Smirnoff Ice. This one’s hands are cold and feel, somehow, detached. This one wants to commiserate about women. He thinks my ex’s transphobic until I tell him she’s trans. This one’s real hairy and drunk and our St. Christophers clang together unsexily. This one had his dick in one hand, a cigarette in the other and I don’t remember anything after that.

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