Thursday, February 21, 2013


Must do List

1.)   Get divorced
2.)   Get dual citizenship
3.)   Find a Gallery
4.)   Finish Grants
5.)   Make a life plan..;)
6.)   Make another list of all the things I know I can do
7.)   Visualize my dream job, life situation
8.)   Find a roommate
9.)   Start yoga again and again
10) Stop smoking, again and again
11.) Think about where I want to spend New Years
12) Make a plan
13.) Get a real job
14.) Socialize more
15.) Take that language course
16.) Call Lynette, it has been over 2 years
17.) make sure I’m registered to Vote
18.) Finish ALL my open projects!
19) Including The Greatest Love Songs
20) Go Dancing
21.) Call My Mother
22.) Call My Father
23) Check flights to New York
24) Clean up my desktop
25) Read the pile of books by my bed
26) Take more Portraits
27) Get a haircut
28) Be kind to yourself


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