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After the Flight by Candlelight

Nov 21, '08 1:10 PM
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~The steady humming of the car, flying high above the earth, lulled
Margarita, and the moonlight warmed her pleasantly. Closing her eyes, she
offered her face to the wind and thought with a certain sadness about the
unknown river bank she had left behind, which she sensed she would never see
again. After all the sorceries and wonders of that evening, she could
already guess precisely whom she was being taken to visit, but that did not
frighten her. The hope that there she would manage to regain her happiness
made her fearless. However, she was not to dream of this happiness for long
in the car. Either the rook knew his job well, or the car was a good one,
but Margarita soon opened her eyes and saw beneath her not the forest
darkness, but a quivering sea of Moscow lights. The black bird-driver
unscrewed the right front wheel in flight, then landed the car in some
completely deserted cemetery in the Dorogomilovo area.~
Chapter 22

Mikhail Bulgakov. The Master and Margarita

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